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Coverage Overview:

  • 22M Business Locations
  • 1.45T in annual B2B transactions
  • 45 supplier types

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No more surprises: daily alerts

Cortera Pulse proactively sends a daily email alert to keep you informed of key changes:

  • Predictive credit risk scores
  • Significant changes in payment behavior – how your customers pay
  • Business Financial news – monitoring over 10,000 media outlets
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Court Filings
  • Peer payments
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Monthly CFO reports

CFO reports are provided in an easy-to-read ‘snapshot’ format, keeping you aware of progress or potential problems. The reports consolidate daily alerts and also provide insights into your individual A/R portfolio


Discover the Unexpected

Cortera provides unique insights into the financial health of private and public companies. Now, organizations are able to predict opportunity and risk from point of credit origination through payment.


Better Information for less

Daily changes in company & customer financial health risk. Track and manage the vitality of your A/R portfolio. Unlimited users and companies monitored at only $99/month. 


"We use Cortera Pulse Alerts on a daily basis to identify red flags in my existing customers’ credit accounts. I can think of several occasions where Pulse Alerts have identified bankruptcies or tax liens that empowered my team with the information they needed to reevaluate the risk on an account or prevent an order from going out. There are times when Pulse has saved us thousands of dollars by making us aware of these risks that would have otherwise gone unnoticed."
Nina Flurer | Regional Credit Manager | H&E Equipment